Conference participation and organization



I was invited speaker at the following conferences:


  • September 2013: Some trends in Algebra, Prag (Tschechische Republik)

  • January 2013: Annual meeting of the Spanish Mathematical Society, Santiago De Compostella (Spain)

  • December 2012: Konstanz-Naples Model Theory Days, Konstanz (Germany)

  • November 2011: Jahrestagung der GI-Fachgruppe “Logik in der Informatik”, Illmenau (Germany)

  • September 2011: Some trends in Algebra, Prag (Czech Republic)

  • June 2007: “Abelian Groups and Modules over Commutative Rings Conference”, Storrs (Connecticut, USA)

  • September 2007: “Some trends in algebra“, Prag (Czech Republic)

  • September 2002: Algebra conference“, Venedig (Italy)

  • August 2001: “Discrete Mathematics“, Euresco Conference in Hattingen (Germany)

  • Juli 2001: Second Honolulu conference on Abelian Groups“, Honolulu (Hawaii, USA)


Moreover, I have been giving talks at more than 40 other conferences.



Organization of conferences:


  • September 2013: ”Statistical and mathematical methods for the management of the genetic code”, Mannheim (Germany)

  • November 2012: “19. Jahrestagung der GI-Fachgruppe Logik in der Informatik”, Mannheim (Germany)

  • March 2012: “Workshop on the mathematical structure of the genetic code”,Mannheim (Germany)

  • May 2011: “Groups and Model Theory”, Mülheim (Germany)

  • January 2010: “Groups and topological groups”, Essen (Germany)

  • April 2009: “Festkolloquium zu Ehren von Professor Rüdiger Göbel“, Essen (Germany)

  • September 2001: “Workshop onAbelian Groups, Modules and related structures” , Brixen (Italy)

  • February 2001: “Internationale Konferenz zu Ehren von Professor Rüdiger Göbel“, Essen (Germany)